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Product Care

Leather Goods

  • Humidity and friction may cause colour fading or colour migration. Please be careful with white or light coloured clothing while carrying the product in hot or humid environment, being exposed to the rain in a state of perspiration. The contact with liquid may leave stains on the product.
  • In case the product gets wet, quickly absorb the moisture by gently pressing a soft cloth against the surface and leave it to dry in a dark place with ventilation.
  • Use soft cloth to remove dust after using.
  • Avoid direct contact with insect repellent, thinner, and petrol based solvent. Use cleans and cream applicable for each type of leather.
  • Made of genuine leather, any imperfections in this leather should be seen as its natural character and authentic treatment.


  • Stuff product with white unprinted papers to maintain the shape.
  • Avoid any surface to stick to another. Two surfaces kept in contact over time may cause mold, which is very difficult to remove.
  • When using insect repellent or dehumidifying agent, insure that these do not come in direct contact with the product.

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